Routing rules determine how to distribute conversations from a set of targeting rules to a set of routing groups, according to a routing mode.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type RoutingRule {
  • # The identifier of the rule.
  • id: UUID!
  • # The name of the rule.
  • name: String!
  • # The date and time when the rule was created.
  • createdAt: DateTime!
  • # The date and time when the rule was last updated.
  • updatedAt: DateTime!
  • # Identifies the website to which the routing rule is attached.
  • websiteId: LegacyId!
  • # Conversations handled by the routing rule will be distributed to these routing
  • # groups.
  • groups: [RoutingGroup!]
  • # The routing mode determines how conversations will be distributed to the groups
  • # assigned to this rule.
  • routingMode: RoutingMode!
  • }

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