A targeting rule defines the conditions used to trigger the iAdvize notification.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type TargetingRule {
  • # Unique identifier of the targeting rule.
  • id: UUID!
  • # Deprecated field, please avoid using.
  • externalId: String! @deprecated( reason: "This value represents a legacy id that shouldn't be used outside of iAdvize. Please contact us if you find yourself needing it." )
  • # The name of the targeting rule.
  • name: String!
  • # Whether the targeting rule is enabled or not. Disabled rules won't trigger any
  • # notification.
  • enabled: Boolean!
  • # The routing rule this targeting rule is pointing to.
  • routingRule: RoutingRule
  • # The creation date of the targeting rule.
  • createdAt: DateTime!
  • # The last time this targeting rule was updated.
  • updatedAt: DateTime!
  • # The date and time at which this targeting rule has been deleted.
  • deletedAt: DateTime
  • }